39. Parquet Courts- Light Up Gold


I think the best way I can describe the sound Parquet Courts achieves is quick, fast paced jam punk. Each song feels like it could go on forever but in reality most songs on the album are under three minutes with only one pushing five. It is the way the album flows together that makes it seem so jam rocky, because when one song ends it is sometimes hard to tell another one has even started. This is a pretty fresh way to approach punk, as most songs are short, quick bursts of sound, but lack the continuation factor that jam rock has to offer. Here they have that aggressive pace and attitude but also allow their songs to blend together a little better than normal punk rockers. Sometimes if I am not paying attention when I am listening to Light Up Gold, the only way I know the track has changed is when the choruses sound different.

Other than that aspect, the music is quite enjoyable to listen to; it is reckless at times with the way it speeds about and the drums and guitar trade back and forth well together. I had a great time seeing them live at Pitchfork and that was where I really got sold on the album because it was definitely made to play live and to jump and dance about to. They had a special adoration for performing the entire time they were on stage and that stuck with me each time I listened to this album. Its sometimes hard to get a new kind of punk sound to catch, but the way Parquet Courts jam so quickly on their short tracks is a strategy that I think will catch fire in the future.


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