38. Young Fathers- Tape 2


A nice hybrid genre project of rap and indie electro rock/pop, Young Fathers is a nice, lively listen with a lot of emotion poured into the lyrics with one of the most mourning voices I have ever heard. There is a good amount of rapping going on to the point it can be loosely considered for a spot in the hip hop realm, but there also is enough alternative sounds and strategies of production that the influences certainty come from a wide variety of genres besides hip-hop. The R&B moments on this album really flesh out the soulful aspects of the album, and the production does its job to emphasize the electronic parts. Music is growing each and every year and Young Fathers, a trio from Edinburgh, have done their fair share this year of expanding the mold of what is consider rap.

Now, on a song by song basis, which is one of the only ways to look at this album, the rap on “I Heard” is incredibly gentle and delicate, a different look at what rap is normally. Then on “Come To Life,” the very next track the feel of the whole album is cranked up a notch as the rap is faster, to the point that it sounds a little hurried, because the beat is like a hip hop beat infused with salsa and electronic bits and pieces. Every song shows off the group’s knowledge of a wide variety of genres, and there is not one song that only has rapping for the vocals. All the songs have times when there is the soulful singing that Young Fathers have established. On the other hand, there is not a song that doesn’t have their version of rap, which is sometimes more like an aggressive spoken word. Its just the kind of album that needs multiple listens before the whole album can even be fully comprehended due to all of the intricate parts mixed on top of each other and with each other to make a rap album yes, but really, just a very musical album.


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