36. Potty Mouth- Hell Bent


There were plenty of new genres of music that were delved into this year and plenty of new nuances that were discovered when it came to putting sounds together into this thing we call music. Of course, not everything released this year was a new and amazing thing, and a lot of revivalism was done, especially in the 70’s punk realm. But god damn, whether it was creative or not there were some great albums released that could have come from another time period other than 2013.

My personal favorite of these revivalism albums was Hell Bent by Potty Mouth. Not the highest profile release of this genre (see Savages etc.) but was definitely the album that stuck with me the best out of all my choices. It had a rawness that I hadn’t really heard all year and even though it did just kind of regurgitate a sound that has been done before, the way it was done was good enough to capture my attention before I just went and listened to the Ramones.

The album has a very bare bones feel to it with an un-distorted guitar and bass playing most melodies that are quick and insanely catchy right from the get go and a simple drum kit providing the percussion. Vocals always make or break a punk band for me and these were spot on. I normally do not listen to punk sang by a woman, so not only was Potty Mouth refreshing in that sense but her robotic drawl drew me in immediately. The lead singer’s voice is so emotionless it could almost be someone without a soul singing and the lack of emotion allows the music to take the forefront without over powering the vocals, that can hang on their own very easily. It’s a fun, short album that has throw back sounds but keeps a certain amount of distinctive elements to make it a worthwhile listen.


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