34. Tyler, The Creator- Wolf


I don’t know if anyone really expected Tyler to make it to his third album. Whether from being locked up for doing some idiotic thing, to just dropping out of the music scene completely because of how little he appears to care about anything or even dying by ass beating by one of the many people he enrages on the daily basis, it seemed like quite the declaration in 2009 that he would be releasing not one, but three albums in the next couple of years. Here we are in 2013 and he has stayed true to this statement and Wolf came out, a little late but here nonetheless.

Since 2009, Tyler has gone from an internet sensation to a cultural phenomenon winning MTV awards, gathering close to two million followers on Twitter and over all making a splash in the music world that I don’t think he, nor anyone ever really expected. Wolf addresses all of that and more as he whines about being too famous but at the same time wondering why he isn’t more famous. It’s a strikingly bare reflection on what Tyler is going through and how others may not realize what is going on inside his head.

At this point in Tyler’s career, I think he is past the fact he is famous and is now looking more at why he is famous. I think it honestly bothers him that one of the main sticking points in people’s minds is that “Yonkers” video. People view him as a psycho and nothing more, not respecting his musical abilities or his rapping talent. They seem him as a one trick pony and even though that one trick got him fame, now Tyler wants people to realize he actually has some talent and that shows a lot on Wolf.

Really, Tyler is fairly artistic and at times brilliant. His beats range from minimalism sounding to harsh sounds to almost normal hip-hop beats. His voice is unique and his rhyme scheme is challenging. Sometimes his lyrics come across as crass, but the way he is able to articulate his feelings and emotions is definitely a skill and something that should be respected more than it is judged. Tyler is not a kid anymore, he has reached official adulthood and it is time for him to start honestly facing reality. Does he want to be known as that horror core rap guy who ate a cockroach or is he going to make another name for himself. Time will tell how people remember him, but at the moment, in all his confusion, Wolf is what was birthed and it was pretty fucking good considering what’s going on in his life.


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