31. Waxahatchee- Cerulean Salt


Waxahatchee has one of the most intense yet quietest voices of the year. She never raises her voice above an elusive whisper, but is able to make her voice carry over a wide variety of backing music, from simple acoustic guitar to heavy electric guitar. She has a strange power that really hit me like a brick the first time I really sat down and listened to Cerulean Salt. It is an almost depressing kind of music that weighs heavy upon me but the feeling it creates, so sad but reminiscing makes me remember all the angst I used to have when I was younger, and how appropriate this album would have been for me. I guess this album was so important to me this year because of what it reminded me of. It kind of showed me how much I had grown and recapped my middle school and high school days through songs I had never heard before.

“Blue Pt. II” was the song that grabbed me though. So unassuming yet so powerful, the way the simple guitar strumming rises and falls with her voice and how she subtly seems to be pouring her soul into the song really caught my attention the first time I heard it. I almost start crying honestly every time I hear it because I can just feel her emotion and sadness she dumps into the song and it reminds me of every heart break I have ever had. Depressive music is a very prickly matter when life is going smoothly but this album still resonated with me and that speaks to the quality of music Waxahatchee is making.


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