30. James Blake- Overgrown


James Blake really has a good thing going for him when it comes to the music he makes. Its fairly unique, has a catchy air to it and his voice alone is mournful and beautiful all at the same time. He really didn’t change a whole lot of his formula from his last EP but did he really need to? His mixture of hip hop and dub step beats all played while his somber voice calls out to the world enraptures all kinds of music listeners. Emotion is a powerful fuse when it comes to music and James Blake’s music is full of the elixir that makes the world flow. It is easy to find something to like in his music because feeling despondent is not confined to any one kind of person; we all feel sadness and James Blake addresses those feelings perfectly.

His music in more specific terms has the snare hits and hip hop drums to make the music seem like it could be out of the 90’s hip hop scene, but then there silky electronic sounds that dance atop the beats giving it a very R&B feel. It is a chilled kind of sound and together with his voice and sometimes gloomy lyrics create a package full of parts that normally would stay far away from each other.

The track with the RZA though, is the one little light to show James Blake may be moving in a different direction one day. It has the same beat like qualities but instead of Blake singing he allows the RZA to spit a flow. It was the most ambitious track on the album and allows hope that one day a full album of James Blake beats will be combined with raps of more people of the RZA’s caliber.


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