3. Kanye West- Yeezus


What can anyone say that has not yet been said about Yeezy’s most experimental, angry, violent and overall different album he has ever released? Kanye West has come out and destroyed the musical world this year with one of the most significant releases from the face of music for this generation and not a lot has been left unsaid. People hate the album, hate it so unconditionally they gave it one listen and deemed it no better than “a robot taking a shit.” While others have listened and re listened looking deep into Kanye’s psyche for some hidden message he is leaving for only his truest fans. And most have accepted it as Kanye saying fuck you to the world and finally releasing an album that represents his soul and what he actually thinks about the world.

The most common theme of Yeezus has to be that Kanye knows people won’t like it and he could care less. He finally realized his dream to make music that pushed boundaries in the wrong way instead of the way he changed music after MBDTF, which is arguably the best album that has come out in the past 15 years. Instead of looking to make sounds that are more beautiful than angels singing, he looked to make songs that were more disgusting than the worst static feedback while still being listenable and even enjoyable at a certain level.

Its not like he made a bad album. In fact, this is one of the best of the year and will be remembered for a very long time. Musically it challenged the very fabric of what rap is and the way he made his sometimes challenging beats mix with his unique flow was incredible. His lyrics are bitter and of course very controversial. The production though, is where this album really shines. For the first time in his career he allowed help from many different people from Hudson Mohawk to Arcca to Rick Rubin. It was awesome to finally hear Kanye collaborate with so many other musical geniuses and it shows on this album with the complicated way the album sounds. The beats are everything from harsh to beautiful and the transitions from pure noise to harmony in split seconds are a wondrous thing to hear.

This was such an important part of Kanye West’s discography that without this project, Kanye would never have truly reached his potential. He is a God in every sense of the word. He makes music that is so ostentatious and extravagant that us mere mortals have to stop and just listen every time he opens his mouth, and especially every time he does anything musical. So when he did something that at first didn’t sound amazing, he challenged us as listeners to look deeper into what music really is.

There is just energy, an arrogance, just something special that the rest of Kanye’s albums never had. The closest we ever got to see what Kanye’s soul really looks like was 808’s and Heartbreaks but this is just different. You can feel Kanye’s rage, his anguish, his passion for life and music. The primal roars that are everywhere on this album, are nothing like he has ever produced before. He allowed his true, insane inhibitions to be analyzed and listened to on repeat and that is something that he has never done.

People really cannot stand Kanye West though. Its understandable yes, but I have grown to understand what he truly means to the musical world and the world in general. He just has an understanding of music and the way things go together that without him I feel like rap and music would not be where it is today. He just understands music like no other person in the lime light.

I remember the first time I heard this album, me and my brother were sitting inside my dads studio, just sitting listening to Yeezus as loud as it would go on his stereo. We didn’t speak, just listened. Absorbing an album I had tried very hard to stay away from until it finally was in my hands so it wouldn’t be tainted. When “On Sight” started I knew Kanye had finally done it, he had finally allowed himself to do what was in his heart and in the end, if there is no other reason to love this album, the fact that the largest musical icon from this generation let his soul be observed so heavily is enough for me to appreciate this unconditionally.


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