29. Comadre- Comadre


I keep going back to the voice and vocals of almost each album I review for 2013 and I think that speaks to my most basic listening instincts. Vocals are normally pitched so they are the loudest thing on any record and are at the forefront of everything I hear, so it makes sense if they cannot wow me, then I probably will not love the album.

Well I will start with the vocals for Comadre as well. An offshoot of hard-core and punk, they play high-energy music and are led by vocalist Juan Gabe and his prickly and rough voice. He has the perfect punk scream that only true punks can imitate with how throaty and guttural it is. It’s honestly hard to understand sometimes and I can’t help but at least trying to scream along even though I am woefully incompetent. His voice fills me with an energy and want to get up and slam my body around, whether into people or not, I just want to get up and move when I hear his voice.

The rest of the project is a wonderful blend of fast paced punk rock and hard core screamo but also with hidden elements of indie rock that make it a much greater album than a normal punk rock album. On “Drag Blood” there are a couple horn licks that are just distinguishable over the roar of the guitar and on various other tracks there are times the guitar distortion is taken away and harmonious guitar licks shine through. The beginning of “Untitled” starts quietly, with some nice piano and synth that builds in volume as drums and accordion are added to the mix. It never alludes to the fact this was off a very hard-core album and any time a punk band can mix and match genres like Comadre does I always take notice. It’s a shame they just broke up after I just discovered them because seeing them mix the horns and punk on stage would have been an experience indeed. One day maybe, they will reunite and I can see how horns and screams collide on stage.


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