26. Toro y Moi- Anything In Return


Seeing an artist live always makes me have a stronger connection to them and their music and seeing Toro y Moi live in October did exactly that. An album that did not truly impress me when it was first released, felt like it was a brand new album after hearing the funky songs live. The album has a fairly chilled out but very groovy feel to it and without the live connation did not impress me as much as it should. Having the Toro y Moi himself inches away from me, face filled with joy really made me appreciate what he was doing a whole lot more.

His kind of music is fairly unique, a mixture of funk and R&B with a lot of electronic production involved. It is absolutely great dancing music, with the perfect amount of sleaze to just move your body to and the right pace to work up a good sweat while dancing. It’s a pretty sexy sound that Toro y Moi achieves. Not sexy in the JT sense, all sugary and sweet, but that dirty, sweltering sexy that holds back nothing. And the guy making it is just the most innocent looking guy so knowing he is capable of making such racy jams makes it all the better. I think it is the smidgen of disco he throws into his music that makes that sultry feel and of course his amazing afro must have some power to seep into his fingers as he creates his rhythmic jams. In the end, his music is almost impossible not to move your body to and any album that can do that will be something worth returning to again and again.


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