25. Red Baraat- Shruggy Ji


Jazz is one genre that I wish I was more in tuned with, but due to my own laziness and the lack of real coverage of it on the review sites I frequent, I am unable to really hear as much as I would like. Thanks to my brother and NPR though, Red Baraat, a New Orleans jazz influenced Indian world band came onto my radar and has not left since the first seconds of their wild and energetic music assaulted my ears. The drive and vigor of the music is infectious and always fills me with an eager joy only consolable through dancing. The instrumentation of the group is horn heavy, with instruments ranging from the trombone, tuba, and saxophone, but also drums to wrap up the whole project and keep it going. There are no swing beats or be bop sounds, but rather a lot of improvisation from the horn section along with very memorable licks that are easy to learn and Indian drum beats that mix it all together. This is not normal or stereotypical jazz but rather a very new agey and world feeling kind of music that incorporates the melodic elements of what jazz notoriously is but also lets in the influences of the world drum beats drive the whole project. It would take a very special drummer to keep the beats going that he does all while the insane improvisation goes on. Some times it seems like every one in the band is playing at the same time adding quite the crazy component to an already passionate sound. To top it all off, there are vocals on some of the songs, in Indian of course, that give the music a little bit more of a personal feel to go along with the wild horns. An album to dance to is the simplest way to describe Shruggy Ji and sometimes that’s all anyone really needs.


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