24. Melt Yourself Down- Melt Yourself Down


Every time I throw this album on, that first track, “Fix My Life,” really does seem to fix my life. If I need to get picked up, hyped up or just blown away, this song and the album in general will do just that. Even if I need a simple distraction or some motivation to do anything, those opening notes will do it. And my opinion on the rest of the album really stems from my feelings of that first song. There is an incredible vitality in their music and especially in a saxophone based band, there is a craziness that comes from having the instrumentation the way it is.

To try and define the music they are creating though will take a little effort. They play music with influences from jazz and salsa together, but really their music can be called a new wave of afro pop, with very synth like sounds being thrown around with a vicious saxophone sound that is constant on every song. Then there are the funk sounds and the pure avant garde noises that are used as the background for many a song. Drum wise, there is a very Latin feel to it and they always keep the pace of the music blistering. It is a wild music and infectious while also being extremely easy to move your body to.

Really this is a project full of different ideas and influences as everyone in the band is from some other group and they all bring their own ideas to the table. Together, they make some of the most high energy, outrageous music from this year and topping it all off with the vocals in Egyptian, makes this a ridiculously fun listen at all times. Super groups always seem to come up with music worth remembering simply because of all the different ideas brought to the table and Melt Yourself Down is no exception.


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