23. KOOL A.D.- 19 & 63


The most based release of the year may not have even been a Lil B mix tape. KOOL A.D. really embodies the idea of being based as he literally says whatever he wants on songs, using any manner of beats and hilarity he can combine into a track. The thing is, KOOL A.D. is just so damn intelligent. From his days with Das Racist all the way up to his most recent mix tapes, his wit and intellect shine through on most songs. The jokes he makes, the innuendos he throws in and his over all presence he has on his songs puts him at just a higher level intellectually than most of his rap counter parts.  Not to mention the rhymes he throws down as well are slick and fast and his flow is so musical and precise, even if he had nothing interesting to say, the music and skill he has with his voice alone is worth listening to.

Some may say KOOL A.D. is too silly, or too immature. Or even too lazy. People saw how truly smooth he can be on the first couple of Das Racist tapes and when he comes back with tracks on 19 or 63 where he just says “Bieber” over and over it kind of came off as a bit slothful. On the other hand, his flow never left nor did his creativity and some of the ways he interacts with these beats can only be described as the “KOOL A.D.” way.

There was just something about both 19 and 63 though that grabbed me. I loved Das Racist so much, so maybe it is a bias that I have to make me like KOOL A.D. so much. Then I started talking to one of my friends who loves KOOL A.D. more than me, and he said some things that really made sense. He told me the reason he liked KOOL A.D. so much was because of how much fun the guy was having. Yeah the guy is close to a genius and extremely talented, but when some of the tracks just don’t hit for whatever reason, it has to be remembered KOOL A.D. is having a great time just fucking around. In the end, he comes back with some insane flows, with some quirky beats and just an over all presence that I can really only compare to Lil B. And we all know the world needs more people like Lil B, even if KOOL A.D. really is more of his own kind of person in the end.


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