21. Crash of Rhinos- Knots


Emo-core, pop punk, alt rock, what ever you want to call it is very, very hard to make into a quality full length album without starting to sound at least a little whiny or annoying. There were two releases this year that stood out to me from this vein of music and one of them was from this band, Crash of Rhinos.

Knots was a very solid album, full of all things emo and more, making every listen worth it. They had the very pitchy sounding guitar with the noodling little riffs that needs to come with every emo song, but the emotional singing, one of the truest staples of the genre was there and there in full force. It has the perfect amount of whine and soulfulness needed and of course the aggression and punk scream shone through on some songs as well. What made Knots stand out this year was the combination of a variety of different kinds of rock that normally doesn’t get thrown in on an emo release.

There were more complex drumbeats, longer songs than normal and certainly a superior ability on guitar that is not normally witnessed on an emo release. I feel like I keep throwing around this word emo though with not a lot of context for it. Emo or emotional is that brand of early 2000’s pop punk music full of lamentation and anguish in the form of punk ballad. It’s a genre that is slowly dying but bands like Crash of Rhinos are trying their hardest to keep it some what relevant. They did well with this release as I really felt the maturity on this album that normally is not there either from some emo bands. Sometimes all I want is a good reason to scream along with a band and Crash of Rhinos gave me that and more with Knots.


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