17. Pusha T- My Name Is My Name


It was kind of weird to think that the album this year that sounded the most like My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was not Kanye West’s new album, but Pusha T’s first studio album. Well, at first thought it was weird but when the obvious connection is made that Yeezy was the main producer on My Name Is My Name, it all starts to click. The album is grandiose, ambitious and dark all at the same time. Production wise, the album is layered complexly with intricate sounds mixed with the standard hip-hop bass and trap beats. There is just that notorious Kanye sound though that’s really hard to pin point what it exactly is, but anyone remotely familiar with Kanye’s work would instantly know he was all over the album. Its part that catchy, elaborate music that sounds best when played on first class speakers and as loud as possible, but also part the instant catchy choruses that Yeezy can create that Pusha T executed almost to the letter, making the album a lot more memorable than Pusha’s last solo effort.

The auto tune on “Hold On” alone is so reminiscent of Kanye that even if the rest of the album had been untouched by Yeezus, the thought of Kanye would have seeped into every listeners mind for the rest of the album. I sometimes felt like this could have been an album of unreleased tracks from MBDTF and every time I threw down My Name Is My Name, I remembered MBDTF and everything I loved about that album. Not that My Name Is My Name can’t stand alone as a good record but the connotation I had with its essential predecessor helped make my personal bond much stronger.

Sometimes this album seemed to be a collaboration album with all the high profile features, from Kendrick Lamar to Rick Ross to Pharrell and I think having all the experience also really helped out Pusha and the album in general to come across as a much more experienced effort. Lyrically, the album at times was an interesting perspective with the cocaine talk, but at times it got to be a little much. It was released so close to Nothing Was The Same though and the aggressive nature was refreshing after the emotion off of Drake’s album. Basically, I viewed this as the closest thing to MBDTF of the year, and that alone assured I would love it.


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