15. Black Chamber- Black Chamber


Hip-hop and jazz fusions are hard not to be down right incredible. BADBADNOTGOOD came onto the scene a couple years ago and just blew me away with their melodic approaches to hip hop beats. Black Chamber is doing a lot of that and more, as they combine that 90’s hip- hop feel of beat writing with a steady, firm stand up bass line and a soloing trumpet to top off the whole project. It is simple yet so potent the way the bass and drums interact on this album. Good rhythm sections seem to be conversing with each other, but great rhythm sections seem to almost be making love with how closely the bass and drums stick together and Black Chamber is very, very tight in that aspect.

David Binnig, the trumpet player is the perfect player for this project. Not a screamer and not a crazy soloist, his laid back improvisation fits exceptionally with the light hip-hop beats and bass lines that the rest of the band is making. He lazily meanders up and down scales, stopping and holding some notes and flying past others. This band and kind of music are the perfect formats to show case this kind of trumpet playing, and together, make some of the most relatable jazz for any semi music fan simply because of the huge amounts of hip hop influences exist. Jazz is normally fairly inaccessible or not normally hyped a lot, and Black Chamber are the perfect ambassadors to help popularize a genre in dire need of revitalization.

This is the kind of music that would get played in a club in down town New York where the only people allowed in had to be wearing tuxedoes, drinking champagne and wearing fedoras, all un-ironically. It’s the kind of music that just makes one ten million times more swag than they already were. That aspect alone makes this album worth listening to.


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