13. All Hail Bright Futures- ASIWYFA


            There was not a more energetic, fun filled album released this year than All Hail Bright Futures. ASIWYFA has perfected the sound from their last LP into something truly special and a joy to listen to. A mixture of metal, instrumental guitar riffs and math rock, the unique, jubilant music that the band seems to make so effortlessly can be head banged to, danced to or enjoyed in just about any way possible because of how easily the music comes out of the speakers and flows into the ears.

“The Stay Golden Pt. 2 (Rats On A Rock)” helps exemplify how diverse they have become with the way it has some very Caribbean like influences on the drums but then switches to a swift metal beat with falsetto vocals. They have worked hard to incorporate more and more into their already large repertoire and songs like “Ka Ba Ta Bo Da Ka” offer up an example of their new vocals, not saying words but instead just repeating the name of the song over and over while math rock and xylophone playing alike swirl together.

More vocals are featured on this album than previous releases and this has made the music even easier to connect with. Not that the music wasn’t already something that most people could find something positive about, but having something to sing along to really added to the package. Mostly though, the band stayed to their roots of quick, smooth guitar riffs and interesting synth melodies and drumbeats. All the chords and notes just have a light air to them, made up of major chords and scales, they create a happy feeling of raucous joy in any body listening simply because of how fast paced yet lovely the sound is. It is impossible not to be moving some sort of the body while their music is playing and seeing them live is apparently even better. My brother was lucky enough to see them and reported back to me he had never had such bad whiplash in his life from all the head banging.

This is one of the best bands not yet to be discovered by any major review sites yet and that conundrum has been puzzling me ever since I first heard their last release. This is music that the world needs.


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