11. Constrobuz- Trap Theory


Constrobuz’s Trap Theory was the rawest, most turned up album I heard all year, and most of the album isn’t even original material. And the funny thing is, I had no idea to what extent that was the case, until my brother started lecturing me on what appropriation was and how important it was to the year 2013. Basically, it is a more intense form of sampling, where whole songs are made from literally other songs, just put onto a track with other effects added. “Trap Theory” is a collaboration of classic rap songs like “Income Tax Swag,” Gucci Mane classics and of course some Chief Keef songs with the beats altered, messed with and added to make essentially brand new songs. So appropriation at its finest. This was not even a phenomenon that I was aware of from this year but in the deeper realm of music it is becoming a bigger and bigger thing. So when my brother told me to check this guy, Contstrobuz, I had no idea his work would be such a representation of this important idea from this year.

So the idea of the album is nice and grand, but the down and dirty bits, the beats themselves, are what sold me in the first place and are what I keep returning to now. Contstrobuz combines all manner of trap beats from slowed down soulful trap beats, to turned up, in your face trap beats into a wonderful array of songs that keep me interested and moving my body throughout the album. He clearly knows how to turn up as some tracks are filled with wonderful, vibrating bass with Chief Keef’s voice playing over and over reiterating the need to turn up. Then he can come back on tracks like “Omniver$e” that are laid back, trap beats still going but with a mournful synth going in the background. Constrobuz knows how to party and console all at the same time and that’s one of the most important aspects of this album.

Every time I would throw on this album though, there was just that magical feel I got from track one. “Ain’t it Funny” just got me in the mood to go crazy, it has the perfect amount of snare in the back ground combined with a withering bass line just thumping the whole time. Its under two minutes but it starts off the album wonderfully and really hooked me in better than any other intro of the year. That’s the song I keep returning the most too but it keeps reminding me how good this album really was and how lucky I was to actually take Patch’s advice for once.


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