Suit & Tie feat. Jay Z- Justin Timberlake

The absolute instant I heard JT was back in action I practically ran to my computer to hear the new track. And once I had absorbed it I listened to it again. And again. And the next day, and the day after that. It was part I couldn’t get enough, part it was the catchiest damn song I had heard in a long time. The idea of JT being back and releasing music was just so exciting for me, I think I might have looked past any negative aspects to this song and only looked at the beauty. It all starts with that intro, the slow, almost sleazy horns with the “I be on that suit and tie” being repeated at half time. Then there is that silence that seems to stretch into eternity that gets broken by the grooviest hit of the year. That hit is what spoke to me and reminded me how god damn talented JT is. It is nearly impossible to not snap your fingers, move your body or any other form of movement when “Suit & Tie” comes on and to top it all off, Jay- Z himself comes in and throws down a verse to wrap up the song. It was an anthem of redemption almost, reminding the world JT still was relevant and that his new album was going to blow minds. JT was back and he had not slowed down one bit.


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