Roayls- Lorde

Normally I try my best to stay away from anything that gets played over five times a day on the radio that isn’t by Kanye West but for some reason this young whipper snapper from New Zealand had intrigued me. I first heard the song, not on the radio, but off an iPod in a friend’s car, a nice BMW with a beautiful sound system that made the bass of the song vibrate my body and flow through me like a heavy soup. It really was unlike anything I had ever heard before, part indie rock, part R&B and 100% catchy. Lorde’s voice had a dark, lingering quality to it that instantly caught my attention and her lyrics about partying and being different seemed to fit with how her voice serenaded over the booming bass of the track. I think if everyone who has heard this song sits down and looks back at the first time they heard the song, they will remember similar feelings of curiosity and interest in this young girl who had made a song capable of transcending the ocean and cultural boundaries to become a world wide sensation. So as annoying as the song may have gotten or as many times as it has been played on the radio, that first or second listen of this song I think will always stick with people as just being something so fresh and new. Lorde is a great under dog story in many ways, but beyond that, the song is so reminiscent of what everyone envisions what classic college life is, and I was living that life when I first heard this song. I was at UGA, in Athens, Georgia one of the party capitols of the country, playing on a water polo team, having the time of my life. For every annoying memory or thought associated with this song, I will always have my UGA memories tied up with it and all I can do is smile remembering that semester.


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