Power Trip (feat. Miguel)- J. Cole

As hard as it is for me to include anything by or involving J Cole, “Power Trip” was waaaay too good to ignore. It had all the makings of a stereotypically bad song; cheesy lyrics, a cheesier artist off the cheesiest album of the year (though I never did make it through all the way), but every time I hear it again, I am reminded that even people like J Cole, the sappiest rapper in the game IMO, can release absolutely captivating tracks. “Power Trip” is his success. The opening keyboard melody is just the most infectious couple of notes I have heard in a long time and it never fails to bring a smile to my face. That could possibly be because Emmy played this daily for what seemed like a good two months and it just reminds me of waking up next to her, but aside from that the track is money. It bumps good in the whip, J Cole does have quite the soulful voice and that piano track that the whole song is over truly is catchy and was stuck in my head for days after the first time I heard it. The bass part to the track just makes me have a need to move my body and J Cole has quite the decent flow anyways and his percussive voice mixing with the reverbing bass and major chords on the keyboard make for quite the decent love anthem. J Cole did it all and combined it into such a popular track that no matter what bad connotations I have of the guy, he can write a damn enchanting song.


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