Open The Door- The Men

There will always be my Joe rock anthem of the year. Always. The Men just happened to be the band that delivered that track this year. “Open The Door” just brings that gentle smile to my face every time I hear the piano chords and the soulful singing of Mark Perro. It’s a track part rock n roll, part folk and part simplicity. It’s a track that just makes me sit back and reflect on the year and life. Really, the song is nothing more than a steady piano melody and the sometimes random twanging of a soling guitar player with Perro singing the whole way through. Rock is the basis of so much music today that hearing a notorious punk band go back to their roots like this makes me look back at my own roots and reflect, as I am sure the band did as they brought this song together. Sometimes a throw back is important and this song is the ultimate throw back.


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