Nosetalgia feat. Kendrick Lamar- Pusha T

Vicious is the word I have had to go to more than once this year to describe the way Kendrick Lamar has attacked his high profile verses on a couple of the songs he has been featured on. He is ready to take his spot as hip-hop typhoon and ready to take down anyone in his way. The attitude he has taken on the subject of “kings of rap” is not one that has been taken for a while now but I have nothing but respect for Lamar and if he wants to turn the rap game into a competition, so be it. Now on “Nostalgia,” Kendrick steals the show just like he did on “Control” but at least Pusha T was able to throw down a decent album to go with the track. Honestly it was thanks to Kendrick that I listened to My Name Is My Name but Pusha still shines on “Nostalgia.” The stinging guitar that the track is based on allows Pusha to sound just as venomous as Kendrick and I still get chills hearing him say that “Johnson and Johnson line.” “You wanna see a dead body…troubles on my mind” though is the line of the song, and Kendrick, the next rap savior in a long line of saviors, of course delivered that line. Both rappers show off their darker sides with some fairly morbid lyrics, but I think that’s just what the draw of the song is: a sinister look at two popular rappers with some skeletons in their closets. Demons interests people especially if they are someone else’s and “Nostalgia” does a good job of showing them off in an artistic way.


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