No Below- Speedy Ortiz

The contrast of gentle guitar and the even gentler voice of Sadie Dupuis in the beginning of the song and the chorus punctured by the withering guitar that slams through the song while Dupuis, still almost whispering cries out “I was just better off just being dead” is what makes this song so powerful. The start of the song appears to be very innocent and despondent, and if the song had continued in this direction it still would have been enjoyable. The crooning of Dupuis is so heartfelt and emotional that the song just oozes rawness. When it heads towards a more rock feel though, the rawness spreads and bites a lot harder than expected because Dupuis never once raises her voice; she just adds an aggressive guitar riff. Combining both parts shows how impressive both styles of music are and shows how emotional both can be too. Plus, Dupuis’ voice is too rare and delicate but also controlled, that listening to her sing over both guitars and nothing is haunting enough as it is.


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