Hold On We’re Going Home feat. Majid Jordan- Drake

Ahhh Drake you sad, sad bastard. Your emotion and attitude about life is so infuriating yet interesting that no matter what, your music is catchy beyond belief and your messages and moments can connect with any kind of person, because any kind of person experiences heart ache. At this point I really doubt you could make really bad music. Now, Nothing Was The Same did not speak to me on a personal level, but I will admit that the emotion and feeling behind the album are easily felt feelings by anyone who has had a heartache. So I could not completely ignore Drizzy and his efforts this year simply because I recognize his power and his skill and to not at least acknowledge his prowess would be insulting to music itself. “Hold On We’re Going Home” though was the one song off Nothing Was The Same that actually stuck with me. Whether it was because it was the better of the two radio hits off the album (the other being “Started From The Bottom”) or because the song just had that insanely poppy, catchy feel that Drake has become so good at creating, I really do not know. What I do know is that this was the one song off Nothing Was The Same that spoke to me almost as if it was off of Take Care, and that alone is enough to have it vault onto my songs of the year list.


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