Fragment 2- These New Puritans

Haunting and beautifully simple, the opening piano notes of “Fragment Two” just suck me in like a black hole, entrapping me in the song and the endless hidden splendor of the way the melody rises and falls, like a heart beat. There is something about those first two notes that just makes me fall into such a trance, creating a sense of peaceful, yet melancholy bliss inside of me. Then the vocals arrive and the way Jack Barnett sings adds another layer to the already blanket of dark delight that has enveloped me. Half way through, the song seems to lighten a bit as drums begin to play and more treble sounds emerge from some sort of stringed instrument. The end of the song though, has a lingering trumpet, calling into the darkness the piano created at the beginning of the song reminding me where the whole trip started. No song from this year was able to capture me and take me for quite the ride that “Fragment Two” did.


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Music= Lyf
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