Delicate Cycle- The Uncluded

Such a simple yet subtle song, “Delicate Cycle” resonated with me because of its sheer minimalism yet heavy underlying message. A song about depression and isolation, the song is all sang/rapped over a gentle acoustic track that makes me think of some nice Jack Johnson song. Except the lyrics are incredibly gloomier, with a very personal story from Kimya Dawson about growing up with a father who owned a Laundromat and how as she grew older and stopped frequenting the Laundromat she became lost without human contact. Aesop Rock comes in with his unique and harsh voice offering his own creepy anecdote about mailing body parts away and really makes the song have such a hidden meaning, the guitar track they go over is almost forgotten. The contrast between Aesop Rock’s aggressive rapping and Kimya Dawson’s soft singing brings the song together in a way that other rap songs could not do because artists are not brave enough to embrace someone like Dawson and her style. It is a brave song in more ways than one and the guitar track alone is infectious enough to be remembered for a very long time.

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