Control feat. (Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica)- Big Sean

Having to say a Big Sean track made my end of the year list still makes me feel weird I am not gonna lie. He is just so normally unimpressive the fact that his song had the best verse of the year on it still makes me crinkle my nose and tilt my head in confusion. Luckily, the power of the track had nothing to do with Big Sean himself. Kendrick mother fucking Lamar was the main feature on the song and came in like a true hip hop king on this track, as vicious and ferocious as ever. He is angry and violent, ready to tell the world what is on his mind. His flow isn’t even his normal quick release and he uses his voice in staccato fashion like gunshots, ripping into the mic with his fury. He tells the world he has no competition and not only that but is the king of New York. His verse has been over analyzed and dissected, probably more than any other verse this year, but the fact remains he called out names and didn’t even flinch when the shit storm of media coverage began to pour down upon his head. Kendrick is the future of hip hop and if he wants to revamp the rivalries and beefs of the 90’s so be it: he is the future and the ball is in his court as how he will direct the rap game, 2013 style.

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