Bound 2- Kanye West

Of course, the one song that at first seemed the most un assuming, innocent, most classic Kanye song ended up stirring up the most debate and controversy of the entirety of Yeezus. “Blood on the Leaves” or “New Slaves” or even “Black Skinhead” say more ridiculous things, have the possibility of pissing off more people and are simply more experimental with the production, delivery and overall difference in his normal work. All should have produced ten times the amount of talk “Bound 2” did. Then the “Bound 2” video dropped and the absolute ridiculousness of the video and the images that he used along with the somewhat X rated views of Kim K ripped through the musical and normal community alike. People seemed to have no idea Kanye was not being serious and were anything from outraged to appalled at what he had been doing. Of course people had to respond and James Franco and Seth Rogan’s “Bound 3” video dropped making the original song a cultural sensation, along with both videos, being analyzed and over analyzed again and again, all because Kanye seemed to have lost it. When it all came down to it, the simplicity of “Bound 2” is what made it such an important track of 2013. It showed the world what Kanye used to do, what he was doing at the present and it showed a little glimpse into the future of his music. It reminded me personally of how far he had come and I felt the most emotional connection to the song because of how much of a throw back it was, even though it was a little ridiculous at times with lyrics about the lure of threesomes, one good girl being worth 1000 bitches and other fairly preposterous Kanye sayings. This was also the last song Yeezy played when I saw him live, and it was the perfect theme for me to reminisce about the year, the life I had lived while listening to Yeezy and just what my life in general was about. Kanye’s joking take on a relationship is so care free almost that it really made me step back and evaluate the seriousness my life may have and remember, that one good girl really is worth 1000 bitches.

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