Borrowed Time- Parquet Courts

I guess Parquet Courts is what I should consider my guilty pleasure of the year and this track is easily my favorite track off of the album they put out this year. There is nothing incredibly spectacular or mind blowing about this up beat punkish rock but seeing the band live and hearing this song is what sold me on them. It is a quick paced song and the hurried guitar makes the song seem faster than it is with the constant snare beat doing nothing to help the rushed feel of the song. What makes this song stand out to me is the half time beat of the drums for the chorus as the vocals cry out about borrowing time. Then there is the achingly long wait of silence after the chorus that just makes the song seem all the more faster each time the song starts again. It just stuck with me and I think the only way I differentiate between this song and anything off the album is that this must have been the absolute first thing I ever heard by the band and it just wiggled itself deep into my heart allowing my love for the band to grow. The simplicity and the clear influences are what I fell in love with, and no matter how normal this song sounds, it stuck with me through thick and thin.

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