Nightmare Boyzzz- Bad Patterns


Artist: Nightmare Boyzzz

Album: Bad Patterns

Label: Slovenly Records

An 11-track album that stays under 30 minutes is usually pretty hard to create, unless of course the band is a punk based, fast tempo driving rock band like Nightmare Boyzzz. Bad Patterns is a quick, fun album with raw guitar riffs punctured by the even rawer voice of their lead singer who never quite makes his voice into a scream, but keeps a true punk element engulfing his voice. The album is doused in garage rock and punk influences from the Ramones to the Kinks to the Hives. Their music is all extremely high energy and would be perfect to either mosh to or head bang to but not much else. Each song stays under four minutes and most stay under three and each chorus is classically punk. Every time a solo comes blaring through the speakers, it sounds like it should only be louder. Due to how short the album is, there is never time to get bored with the some times repetitive sound even though each time one of the short songs ends, the next track just sounds like a continuation of the song before. Either way, this is a rough and tumble sort of album easy to play louder and louder, each time it gets thrown on.


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