Trampled By Turtles- The Georgia Theater, November 2013


I originally was not going to go see Trampled By Turtles for the second time in a year, but when my room mate told me they not only were his favorite band but he had been dying to see them live for a long time now, I caved and said I would go with him. I knew I wouldn’t regret it; they were fun live the first time and I did want to see the Georgia Theater packed like I knew it would be for a blue grass band of Trampled By Turtles caliber. So we showed up and got really close to the front, two rows from the stage in fact. We watched the opening act together, a decent folky band that leaned more towards rock than Trampled By Turtles did. It was fun being that close to the stage knowing the theater was packed behind us and Ben was getting more and more excited to see his favorite band. Of course, Ben got a “craving” and ended up abandoning me for most of the show almost as soon as the opener left the stage. The main point of going had been to see the show with him but I got over it quickly and made friends with some girl from Chicago who was trying to make me drink her beer so she would be able to dance.

Trampled By Turtles took the stage to what seemed to be much more applause than what they received in Albuquerque and began with what sounded like the same opener, some slow, majestic song. A good amount of people seemed to know the lyrics making me feel like because this was my second time seeing them I should have tried harder to learn the words to more songs than “We Wait So Long.” Either way I began to get prepared for a great crowd. And then the next song started, a quicker pace and three obnoxious drunk women and some guy with a mullet came crashing through jumping, screaming, pushing and basically trying to mosh with me all in a matter of 30 seconds into the song. It was fairly annoying, especially when they would bump into me and spill their drinks because of how little control they had over their bodies. It got so bad I started having to check them with my forearm every time they got too close. They kept apologizing but would not stop pushing and screaming that no one cared about the music and asking why more people weren’t dancing. I tried my hardest to ignore it all but frankly it got a bit distracting. At least about half way through the show some guy tried to fight mullet boy and the security came through threatening to eject them from the show. All that really did was subdue them a little but it was enough for me to move back a couple rows to focus on the music.

In the end I did know more songs and a few more lyrics, which did help me have a better time. Singing along is very necessary to improve a concert for me and I had a few more opportunities this time around to do just that. Ironically enough, the best songs they played though were two instrumental tracks that were quick paced, banjo and fiddle driven songs that were incredibly infectious and impossible not to dance to. They showed off their incredible musicianship quite well with these songs and it became clear how truly skilled these guys are.

The absolute best moment of the night though, was when “We Wait So Long” was played. That intro when the fiddle buzzes into life is one of my favorite intros to a song and has gotten stuck in my head for days on end multiple times in my life. I never could really describe what that hit was similar to, but when some lady behind me was describing the song to her friend and referred to the intro as like a “shot of heroin” that analogy just clicked with me. Not that the lady or me had ever done heroin (as she was quick to clarify when I turned around and said I agreed with her) but that feeling of instant gratification and bliss that must be what heroin feels like is exactly what those fiddle notes sound like. They just exude happiness and life and joy, it is literally impossible to not like that song or even keep a smile off of your face when that song plays. That was the one time that night I did not mind the drunks pushing me, because I myself was getting a little rowdy. Hearing one of my favorite songs of all time easily made up for the drunks and the annoyance they created, and when it all balanced it, the show turned out to be pretty alright


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