Like Like The The The Death- Cave Jenny


Artist: Like Like The The The Death

Album: Cave Jenny

Label: Latest Flame Records

FCC clean

Cave Jenny is an album full of every kind of punk/ hard-core influence imaginable and the whole piece of work is fast paced and never has a dull moment. The guitar parts are full of reverb and quick riffs that bounce from speaker to speaker balancing out the screeching vocals that take the foreground on most tracks. Rather immediately, the guitar gives off a sharp bite reminiscent of the Offspring.  Lyrics wise, the harsh sound of the guttural singing that both Kyle Scheuer and Anthony Weber clearly have perfected has similarities to Joyce Manor. Having a unique scream is hard to achieve but the high-pitched range that both singers can achieve along with their harsh and throaty screams help them achieve a sound that allows them to distinguish themselves from the rest of the punk rockers out there. It is a quick album, totaling a little more than 35 minutes and the tracks fly by all at a quick pace, perfect for head banging and moshing to. This is clearly music worth seeing performed live and the band does a good job of show casing their talents of speedy guitar work, raucous vocals and a good time all on record, so up close and personal they could only be better.


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