Larry and His Flask- The End, Nashville, October 2013


Well, I can now put a check mark through “see some live music in Nashville” on my bucket list. And to think it almost didn’t happen… I was there with the water polo team for our conference championships and as we walked around down town after dinner, I began to realize how truly musical the city was. Every single bar or restaurant we walked by seemed to have some sort of live music. It was intoxicating really, being so close to all of this live music and not being able to go see any. I knew that Larry and His Flask were going to be in town though that night and I was begging everyone on my team to go with me. I finally found two takers but we had no car… Through swift negotiating and planning we ended up borrowing a car, making the long journey back to down town Nashville from our hotel, attempting to break into the Sigma Nu house and finally, showing up at the show two hours after it had started to find out Larry and His Flask went on in ten minutes. It was a wild journey to get there and I think the majority of my excitement stemmed from the fact that I doubted ever getting there at all. The venue itself was the dingiest, creepiest little bar I have ever been in, filled with what appeared to be biker bums or something along that line. Either way, they were people I would never in a million years expect at a show like this but at the moment I did not care. My friends on the other hand were a little alarmed so decided they needed more alcohol and ran back to the car to get a flask.

So while they were gone I got up right next to the stage and waited for one of the best live acts I have ever seen to begin. They came out with the energy I expected and had seen more than a year before, but they all looked completely different. I hardly could tell it was the same band. Beards had been shaven and grown back but the music was the same high intensity. I was close enough for sweat to drip on me as they flung themselves around on stage, their beards whipping the sweat like wet towels. They had their standing drummer and dancing stand up bass player and everyone in between but this time I could help sing along on some songs. The pace remained quick throughout the whole night and the musicianship showed through a little better this time. Probably because I was more focused on what was going on instead of dancing myself silly like the last time, but either way, every one of the band members could play exceptionally well. The band was and is so clearly invested in their music and music in general, it was plain to see how much they all loved performing even if they were in front of maybe 30 people in a back alley bar in Nashville.

All of this being said, the performance did not grab me quite like the first time I saw them, but I think that is mostly because the pure newness and shock value of the first time I saw them was not there this time. I still had a great time, but it just wasn’t exactly the same and I think that’s what I was expecting. It was fun to show off my way of life to my two team mates though and both thanked me for taking them and showing them a little window into what I do for fun. Now that, and walking around down town Nashville after, with a belligerent Logan was fun. It was awesome to do something so spontaneous and go to such a sketchy place all in the name of music and that is what I will remember more than anything about this show. I am glad Larry and His Flask was the band for the job though.


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