Dana Swimmer/ Programs/ Rubble Bucket- New Earth, October 2013


I had a lot of hype going into this show for the local favorite Dana Swimmer that was opening the show. My friend from my Bio class talked of amazing parties they had played at and how she felt honored to hang out with them on a regular basis. I expected the next R.E.M. or something so I assumed they would obviously not be starting on time even if they were the opening band. I was excited to show Emmy some of the local talent of Athens and when we showed up about 15 minutes late, they had already started! Of course New Earth also was working at snail speed and we didn’t get in until almost half way through the set. The band sounded decent while we stood outside but once we got in there started to be some technical difficulties and the band started to whine to the crowd that they deserved better. It was fairly obnoxious with the way they oozed self-entitlement even though their music was nothing special. It was generic punk/indie rock that probably would be a lot better at a house show, but tonight it was no good.

The next group was Programs, my personal favorite of what I had discovered in Athens, a dance pop duo with a guitar and keytar player. The definition of fun dance music is what they play and their instantly catchy rhythms hit hard just like the first time I saw them. It was fun to be able to recognize and sing along to the songs they played and hearing new songs was just as cool. There is just something so groovy about a keytar. I guess because the vibe that the instrument exudes is just too hot not to bump and jam to. But maybe it was the filthy, filthy stache that the lead singer had that made the music so god. All of the riffs and beats were fairly generic but were so easy to dance to. Emmy loved them, which helped validate my love for them because I had been feeling guilty of my love for them because of how cheesy the music as the potential to be. Watching everyone get down really just made sense to me though because how much people are dancing is the easiest way to recognize how good band is, and there was not one person not moving when music was playing.

Rubblebucket was the headliner but it had gotten so late we only stayed for two songs. Both had the use of trombone and a really hipster feel to their music. It was upbeat and fun and I was sad to go, but in the end, seeing Programs was what was really worth it about this show.



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