Blurry- Lulls


Artist: Blurry

Album: Lulls

Label: Butterscotch Records

FCC Clean

This is the kind of music to put one in the most heavy of trances. Melodic piano chords repeated over and over again with slightly changing notes played by a xylophone permeating the background; it’s a recipe for something other worldly to start occurring in the mind. “Lulls” is really minimalism at its finest, with simple raw piano tracks, with no vocals, and little accompaniment besides a steady, soft drum beat that appears at the highest of points of each song, which really are nothing more than delicate snare hits and 16th notes being gently removed from the piano they originate from. Every track is over four minutes long and about half approach the seven and a half minute mark. They are tracks meant to slowly build to something amazing, without ever really reaching that point. It all sounds like simply piano music that would honestly be heard in an elevator, but upon the second and third listen, this album clearly is more dense and complicated, with the changing note variations from each song and the rise and fall that make the music swell from almost nothing to something powerful. The quietest parts can almost not be heard, but when the climax arrives, it is impossible to mistake it and there in lies the beauty of this album


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