TNGHT- Pitchfork Music Festival, Union Park, Chicago July 2013


This was it. This was the end. The last set of Pitchfork 2013. And I could not be happier that it was TNGHT. One of the acts I was most excited to see going into the weekend, TNGHT was guaranteed to not only turn up with their unique trap beats, but also play me at least one Kanye West song, something most DJ’s are not as obligated to do sadly. I did not get as close to the stage as I wanted because I was still with Sarah and after our scare at Lil B she was not prepared to head into a rowdy crowd again. I accepted this fact a little begrudgingly but accepted it nonetheless and just got ready to turn up.

I honestly can’t say what songs were played or even how most of the set sounded besides all the Kanye songs, of which there were three with Higher Ground thrown in too. I was still in a bit of a trance from Lil B and the beginning of the set really was nothing amazing. It was quickly apparent though that TNGHT know what they are doing though with the way the whole set was mixed. There was a perfect flow to the show, starting quietly and slowly moving into a more hyped style. I was jumping and dancing, but I didn’t start truly starting turning up until I heard the beginning of “Mercy.” That almost brought tears to my eyes. I had spent the entirety of last year’s festival praying and hoping that I would hear the song, and here I was, a year later, for the finale, hearing my favorite song of 2012. I started going ballistic, screaming my lungs out, and leaping as high as I could, not really believing I was hearing what this song. No one around me seemed to care as much as me though, except for one guy, who, as the chorus of the song came up turned and found me and we proceeded to grab each other’s arms and scream into each other’s faces the lyrics. Our voices were primal and I actually got all the words right for once, accepting the pressure of having someone thinking I knew all the words. We shrieked our hearts out and we drew more and more stares as the show went on.

It didn’t stop there though as the intro to “Blood On The Leaves” eerily started playing and even as much as that song has bothered me with the use of the sample, I started to start jumping again. My backpack was constantly bouncing on my back, probably whacking anyone behind me and I started to feel the stares that Sarah had whispered in my ear about only moments before. I didn’t care and as soon as the chorus came, the same guy and me found each other again and kept right on singing.

Around this time the rain began to come down, kind of like Rustie’s performance the night before but not as drenching. Lunnis started coming out from behind their DJ booth and was dancing on the stage as Hudson Mohawk kept up the music. Other random people, like Tree’s friends and other just homies from the weekend came out on stage too and danced and the energy of the show kept right on climbing.

Two Kanye songs were two more than I anticipated so when “Higher Ground” came on, I thought to myself that this was finally what I actually expected and it was even better than I could have imagined. I yelled out the melody of the song because there are no words and finally people around me began to sense the energy that was being created and started dancing. For the drop I was almost sure my back pack was going to come off but it stayed on and then probably my favorite song of the whole weekend came on. “Theraflu” is not my favorite Kanye song, or even my favorite of what was played but for a third Kanye song to get mixed in felt extremely rare and I was so not expecting it that I turned up the hardest of the weekend and of that set in particular. I had a feeling it was the last song of the set, and of the festival so I lost my voice singing along, sounding hoarse and exhausted when it was all done. I never in a million years thought I would get to be jamming out to Kanye West songs so TNGHT’s set was a special treat, especially for what was the last full set of the weekend.


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