Rustie- Pitchfork Music Festival, Union Park, Chicago, July, 2013


I don’t think I could have pictured a better way to end the first day of Pitchfork. I felt like I was in a dream honestly, with the light show flashing sporadically and erratically, highlighting the rain drops that began to fall that I probably would not have even realized were there if I didn’t see the drops in the lights because of how sweaty I was already. Night was quickly approaching and the oncoming dark made the highlighted rain look even cooler and the flashes of Rustie himself felt like they were out of a movie with the rain falling like a shield in front of him.

Thanks to the fact we had gotten to the stage early to see Andy Stott we were about three or four rows back from the stage, incredible spots to be sure. But as the time for the show to start got closer and closer more and more people started pushing up to the stage squishing us as close as was physically possible. I quickly realized dancing was not going to be much of an option but I decided to wait it out and see how it went.

Honestly the set did not start like I thought it would. I kept having to remind myself after that this was a real DJ with actual flow to his sets so of course his beginning was going to be a little slow. He played all good jams, it just wasn’t immediately hyped and for some reason I didn’t realize this was going to be the case. On top of that people were being extremely rowdy and crowd surfing and moshing fairly aggressively. Normally this is not something that bothers me but all I really wanted to do was dance and there was no room or time when I had to keep saving people from falling to the floor as they passed over my head. So I allowed myself to slowly get pushed back finding more and more room to cook and move my body as freely as I wanted.

As I moved back, the night began to advance more quickly and the rain really got going and I began to realize how cool this was. Also at this time the music was getting more and more hyped and when the song that Rustie produced for Danny Brown went off I finally began turning up jumping up and down, cooking and basically just dancing as hard as I could. The rain dripped down my face mixing with my sweat and the sweat of my fellow pitchforkers and I just looked into the air, letting the rainfall into my eyes and I knew I was home.

That’s when the turn up got real; I started cooking a lot more and finally found the based world members I thought would be everywhere all weekend. They quickly helped me clear a circle and we began cooking the largest stew since Lil B himself. We all chanted “swag” and “whoop” as I yelled to the crowd “FUCK MY BITCH BASED GOD, THANK YOU BASED GOD” and other various based sayings. The people around me loved it, so obviously I fed off that. The rain dripped down my face as I looked into the sky and caught raindrops in my eyes and I kept going as Rusite kept building and building on his beats.

I have listened to his 2011 release a couple times but didn’t recognize too many songs off it, but the fact Rustie didn’t play many recognizable songs was easily made up with the fact that it was the best mixed DJ set I had seen since Flylo. He had such a nice build up through out the whole show from the quieter, slower tracks in the beginning to the most trap, electronic sounding songs at the end. He created the perfect rise, climax and fall like he was writing a fantasy novel sonically. I did recognize his last song he played simply because I recognized it as Ruben’s favorite song off his 2011 release and listening to the electro drops and beats reminded me of him and our time we had spent in Union Park a year ago. As Rustie exited the stage and the crowd cheered as loudly as they could after a day full of music we all started the walk out of the park almost begrudgingly, not really realizing we would be back tomorrow.


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