Autre Ne Veut- Pitchfork Music Festival, Union Park, Chicago, July 2013


Autre Ne Veut is one damn dramatic dude. I never realized that was what the point of his music is until I saw him live, but man, when he sings he is putting as much energy, if not more, into the effort of hitting those notes as someone trying to lift a car above their heads. His neck veins bulged to enormous proportions and every time he got to a climax in a song (which seems to be the entirety of most songs) he would pinch his face together in exertion and wail into his microphone and bend down on one knee, like the amount of force his beautiful voice was generating was weighing down onto his back. In fact, he had some girl, who apparently is not on the album according to Patch there just to help him out on some of the singing when he got too emotional or tired from all the work he was doing. I really cannot get over the fact that when he sang he made it look like the hardest thing in the world. I think that’s what helps make his voice so beautiful and emotional. Seeing the energy it takes to sound good just makes it all sound so much better. And the better it sounded, the more I realized he was re creating the album almost perfectly. It sounded just as grandiose and full as it did on my headphones. That in itself is quite a feat to achieve live and the more I stayed for the show and added my voice to the songs I knew, I became more and more enamored with what Autre Ne Veut was doing and I realized his album was going to make it a lot farther up on my end of the year list simply because I saw him live.

As a side note, there were two guys in the background holding up a mirror like the album cover throughout the ENTIRE SHOW, which I thought was hilarious and also dramatic and ludicrous enough to only be found at an Autre Ne Veut show. Patch always loved his album more than me and he got super close to fully appreciate the music and actually stayed until the end of the set while I ran to catch the beginning of Killer Mike’s set. Part me regrets not staying until the end but then again. Killer Mike was one of the best shows of the weekend and missing any of him would have really been unacceptable.


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