The Breeders- Pitchfork Music Festival, Union Park, Chicago, July, 2013


The instant I knew I was going to go to Pitchfork I knew I would need to learn “Last Splash,” the album by the Breeders, a cult favorite from the 90’s. I knew absolutely nothing about the band but knew that they were an important part of history, so dutifully I bought the album they were advertising as playing the entirety of at the fest. I listened to it about three or four times and got to know it fairly well. So seeing it live and actually being able to sing along was cool and made me feel a little bit edgier. Except, the guys we decided to stand next to happened to be the biggest super fans of the Breeders ever and were a bit intoxicated so their enthusiasm and energy made me feel ashamed that I had not tried harder to get into the album and band in general. I really began to notice that the crowd in general was a lot older this year, but it made sense. R. Kelly, The Breeders, Swans, Wire, and …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead all had their success and popularity almost ten years ago. Seeing such a diverse age range was really cool and seeing everyone interact and bond over a shared love of music was a real touching part of the whole festival. Realizing this, I attempted to sing a little louder and dance a little more, but this also was the show right after Swans, so Patch was still in a state of shock. He needed nourishment if he was going to make it any further into the day and in all honesty I was beginning to feel the effects of seeing seven different bands that played some sort of an off shoot of metal or punk. We made the difficult decision to go find some food as the poppy sounds of a little bit of history echoed n our ears.


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