Trash Talk- Pitchfork Music Festival, Union Park, Chicago, July 2013


I will be honest; I had never, ever heard what Trash Talk sounded like until I heard them live. I knew they had the Odd Future affiliation, I knew the lead singer looked awesome and I knew it had some punk influences and that was about it. So I was quite pleased to realize that everything I knew about them was about all one really needs to know. I listened to the classic punk, I moshed a little in one of the dustiest mosh pits I had ever been and I even ended up with mud on me from the water being poured on us by the security guards mixing with the dust. The funniest part was when the lead singer told us to all sit down for some unknown reason but this one old dude in front of us refused. Instead of going ballistic and yelling at the old guy, Trash Talk just went with it and complimented him on being the “oldest fucking guy there” and kept on screaming. It was fun, but fairly generic so I left after about two or three songs in order to catch my most anticipated act of Friday: Mac DeMarco.


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