Pissed Jeans- Pitchfork Music Festival, Union Park, Chicago, July, 2013


I had really only listened to one album by Pissed Jeans a couple of times, so I knew they were punk and that was about it. I figured the crowd would be fairly rowdy and the hope of a mosh pit was very high for me. Me and Patch were able to get fairly close to the stage and I almost felt guilty with how close we got being such novice fans. Moshing wise, it was mediocre and I got pushed around a little but violence wise it was nothing to spectacular. What was the draw of this show was how bizarre/ hilarious Pissed Jeans lead singer was. He spent much of the show screeching, screaming and hollering through his microphone, contorting his body and twisting the mic chord around his neck and his torso. In the process of his antics he proceeded to rip through two tank tops and after each one he would bark in to the mic he needed a new one NOW. It was some sort of advertisement for a tequila brand but really all that was being advertised was his bare chest the way he stretched the material until it ripped and tore. He was so distracting in fact, I hardly remember the music they played. It was loud and punk I remember but mostly I was focused on everything he was doing. At one point apparently he even called out some members of the Savages as they walked by, but I didn’t realize this until after when I was reading up on the whole festival. Basically, it was a comedy show with punk playing in the background.


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