Parquet Courts- Pitchfork Music Festival, Union Park, Chicago, July, 2013


This was about that time of the day that I was starting to race back and forth across the park to at least say I saw one or two songs from every band I was interested in. Parquet Courts were a band I had not really looked into, all I knew was that they fit into the day’s theme of hard rock/punk very well. I was pleasantly surprised with how much I liked them and their catchy, fast paced hard rock tunes drew me in exceptionally well. What I remember the best, was the danceablity each song had and especially how into the songs the band was. They were visibly sweating and whether that was because it was so hot out or because they were working so hard to please the crowd, it didn’t matter, I was impressed with their heart. I forced my way closer and closer the more they played and because of how short all of their songs are, they got in about five or six before I realized who I was about to miss. …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead was going on in about fifteen minutes at the red stage and there was absolutely no way I would be missing them. As I left I vowed to check out the album they had released again but at that moment I had much more important things on my mind.


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