Mac DeMarco- Pitchfork Music Festival, Union Park, Chicago, July 2013


My favorite part of my very short Friday, Mac DeMarco exceeded my wildest expectations for what his performance would be like. I had kind of just gotten into this album weeks before and I knew the lyrics to just a few songs, but seeing DeMarco in the flesh, with the biggest grin I have ever seen on someone’s face was INCREDIBLE. He played mostly songs I knew too which made it much easier to connect with his happiness and joy of performing. He really came off as just one big goofball playing through his songs with just a carefree air about him that showed how fun performing is for him. The best part of the show though, was what he did to end it all. He announced he would be playing his last song and then broke into “Cocaine” and went down the line of oldies covers, distorting his voice for some, and just messing around for others. The crowd loved it and he fed off it, acting more and more like the goofball he was. Then to top it all off, for his last song he brought out his girl friend and put her up on his shoulders and sang “Still Together” in probably one of the most touching moments of the whole weekend. Great end to the first day, and great preview of what was to come.


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