KEN Mode- Pitchfork Music Festival, Union Park, Chicago, July 2013


This was the first time I had ever been to Pitchfork on time and it was frankly an exhilarating experience. Seeing the park basically empty, waiting for thousands of people to trample through by the end of the day just made me shiver with excitement. Me and Patch were almost running when we finally got through the ticket line and we rushed by the green and red stage to scope them out and then went straight to the booths of merchandise. I really didn’t spend that much time there the year before so getting a good half an hour to wander around all the cool record, CD and t shirt booths was really cool. I was so ready for live music I made my first impulsive buy in a while, mistaking a Deerhoof CD for a Deafheaven one. So we decided it would be better if we just waited in front of the stage instead of anywhere that had the threat of forcing me to buy more things. We wandered over to the Blue stage allowing Patch to breathe in the people and feel the anticipation that hung in the year.

KEN Mode came on to a crowd of something like thirty people to my disappointment, but it made sense. Me and Ruben didn’t even get to Pitchfork until a couple hours after it had started the year before so most fans were still probably resting up for the day ahead. No matter, KEN Mode put on an excellent set of loud, perfect hard-core music. Due to the lack of people there was no moshing to my disappointment so I satisfied myself to head banging and banging my chest like a drum. By the end I could already feel the effects of the whip lash I was giving my self by shaking my head so vigorously but it was worth it. The harsh guitar and guttural screaming were the perfect way to wake up. KEN Mode’s lead singer/guitarist had the eyes of the devil, with the way the bugged out and the whites became so prominent. It was cool how intense he was and how involved in his music he got, and his own unique haircut style allowed him to whip his hair like a whip and sometimes let it fall across his eyes like a mask. He was a character for sure and just watching him alone was worth getting to the whole festival early.


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