Chris Kasper- Bagabones


Artist: Chris Kasper

Album: Bagabones

Label: East Ghost Music

FCC Clean

Using the description, “a more rocked out version of old Iron & Wine,” has never felt more appropriate than for an album like Bagabones. A lot of blues, horn licks and synth parts make the music a lot less peaceful than anything that Iron & Wine put out in his early days, but the gentle voice of Chris Kasper has many similarities and the soothing acoustic guitar that usually provides the introductions to the songs has quite the reminiscent quality to that older Iron & Wine style. The bluesy bass lines are another thing that is quite apparent on this album that really allow the songs to become catchy and help flesh out the saxophone parts that flow in and out on any of the tracks they appear on. Noodling on the guitar also infiltrates songs fairly regularly and gives the album yet another added blues feel to help contrast the melancholy voice of Kasper. There is a true janky feel to the songs, with off beats being kept by hitting what sound like metallic trash can lids and violins being strummed in improvised fashion in the background. For every bluesy song though, there is a serene song that Kasper’s sweet falsetto turns into a still masterpiece.  It has quite the southern feel, but always sticks to its roots of acoustic, tranquility that Kasper’s voice is so perfect for.


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