Teitur- Story Music


Artist: Teitur

Album: Story Music

Label: Arlo & Betty Recordings

FCC Clean

Peaceful and soothing, Teitur combines soulful acoustic guitar and an emotional voice into a style of song writing that reminds one of a kind of lullaby/ soft alt. rock version of a country ballad. His songs usually have a simple acoustic guitar backing but intricate parts are delicately layered on top of that base, with anything from xylophone riffs to banjo picking. Strings make quite the appearance on the album as well and can sometimes add the feel of peaceful countryside’s and create images of that classic picturesque scenery. Tracks like  “Antonio and His Mobile Phones” are full of very folky elements as well, with a smattering of banjo in the background and flutes playing out some of the melody throughout the song. The name of the album is Story Music and nothing could be more appropriate for an album full of tales of life and “rock n roll bands.” It is an album full of emotion and a soft vigor that shines through on tracks like “Rock and Roll Band” and “Indie Girl” with the haunting lyrics of lives that he has touched at some point in his past.  It is clear from the first note that this is an album written by someone that has seen much of the world. Even with all of that, it is a very relaxed album and a very easy listen.


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