Mumford and Sons- Kit Carson Park, Taos, New Mexico, June 2013


Outdoor concerts are easily ten times better than any show confined in doors. I think that’s one of the main reasons Mumford & Sons was so much fun for me. Being in the out doors, with thousands of other people enjoying music is really an experience unlike any other. Not to mention the fact I got to basically go on a little vacation with Emmy up in the mountains.

Now first, let me say, Taos did an OUTSTANDING job with the influx of people their city saw for the show. Over 8,000 people were smashed into a city that normally has 5,000 living there. And not once did I see any car wrecks or feel unsafe or have a bad time due to traffic. So because of that fact, the whole weekend was made a lot better than what could have potentially happened.

Second though, why did it snow in June? That is the one question I have, and yes it was exciting, but only after the fact. Because standing in line waiting to get into the show in the snow in only a tank and shorts was nothing short of awful. The weather actually got so bad that they stopped letting people inside the vicinity of the park and that’s how we ended up having to wait in a line. Taos got a second bonus point in my book when locals started walking down the street handing out what appeared to be clothes from a Good Will or something to keep the foolish visitors warm. I scored a very ratty old sport coat but boy it felt like the warmest wool when I put it on to battle the rain.

We finally got in, and actually got a decent spot too, about 50 yards from the stage. The whole show started with a local flute playing Taos ledged coming on stage and playing a little song for us and proving he had made friends with the band by bringing them out to thank everyone for waiting so long. After that the opening acts went but they were really nothing special and the crowd got pretty antsy waiting for Mumford to come on. During the long wait people also got fairly cranky and more than once there were shoves thrown because someone wanted to get closer. The amount of older people there was a lot higher than what most college aged kids are used to and there were quite a few altercations due to that fact. One older dad though had the quote of the night, asking, “Which one is Mumford and which one is Son?”

But when Mumford and Sons finally came on man, that crowd snapped out of all their bad moods and feisty behaviors and paid more attention than I thought possible. This was the first show I had seen both outdoors and from that far back since Pitchfork the summer before, but the energy I felt from the stage even 50 yards away really impressed me. The longer they played and the more lyrics I realized I knew from my frantic listening from the days before, the more fascinated I was that they had decided to come to Taos of all places. I really respected them for going out of their comfort zone and going to somewhere in the US they probably could not have imagined even existed. Having really only gone to big cities before this tour, it really seemed like they were making an attempt to see as much of the U.S. as they could, even the odd ball little towns like Taos, New Mexico. I really haven’t heard of many bands, especially ones as popular as Mumford and Sons do something like this and really, if I were in their position I would be doing it too.

The concert itself was really really tight though. Tight knit as in how it sounded yes, and tight as in cool as fuck as well. They played for a long time and really pulled from their two album discography. Miraculously they played my two favorite songs (of which I can never remember the names, shows how much I like the songs…) that don’t happen to be named “Little Lion Man” or “The Cave.” I found myself singing as loudly as I could, something I never thought I would ever find myself doing at a Mumford and Sons show, a band I had never really listened to before.

This concert made me a believer though, and the cherry on the whole concert was when they brought back out Robert Mirabal and they all danced together on stage like lunatics because they were having so much fun. It brought a true smile to my face to see how happy Mirabal made the band and in turn how happy they made him. A band like Mumford and Sons in his hometown must have been like Christmas in the summer and then getting to go on stage with them would really have just made it perfect.

One of the last songs they played was one of the coolest things I have ever seen live. The whole band gathered around one mic and sang a ballad into that one microphone, drummer and all. They all had their instruments too, (the drummer just had a smaller drum in his hand or a tambourine, I don’t remember). It was both peaceful and beautiful but also full of energy and embodied the whole performance and weekend perfectly.


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