Kelley Stoltz- Double Exposure


Artist: Kelley Stoltz

Album: Double Exposure

Record Label: Third Man Records

FCC Clean

Psychedelic rock has never sounded so classic.  Kelley Stoltz incorporates so many things notoriously found in the genre of garage rock, psychedelic rock and anything in between and creates a sound that instantly makes feet begin to tap and a desire to dance. The almost frantic pace of “Are You My Love,” only the second track on the album is an excellent begging to the album, accomplishing the goal of drawing listeners in almost like a hook draws readers into a novel. Stoltz has created an album with walking, powerful bass lines and fuzzy guitar, both staples of any music attempting to fit into the garage rock vein. His rasping voice calmly sings over any sounds his guitar makes from the quick pace rockers to the slower, psych jams that can flow as the bass winds round and round. “Inside My Head” is the albums standard psych ballad, so loopy and winding, sometimes feeling like it lasts for fifteen minutes and sometimes only five and is yet another example of how well Double Exposure fits into the category of garage/psych rock. This is his first album out on Jack White’s label and it is a fitting release to go out on such a high profile label for Stoltz as his formula for psych rock has really been perfected on Double Exposure.


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