Arctic Monkeys- Sunshine Theater, May 2013


I know I wait in line for shows a lot. And I know I wait for a long time for shows sometimes. But the Arctic Monkeys really take the cake. The show started around 9 and the Arctic Monkey’s probably didn’t go on until 10 yet Josh, my brother’s friend was there since 4 and me and my brother since 6:15. The crazy part is my brother’s friend wasn’t even the first in line, there was actually more dedicated fans that had been waiting almost all day. Either way we waited a while and got close to the rail on the right side of the stage. There was some guy in front of us with an Artic Monkey’s tattoo on this shoulder who told us he was from their home town and had seen them over 13 times AND had driven all the way from Florida to see them because New Mexico was the closet show they were playing to him. Now I have never, ever met someone with that much passion for a band, but this guy is my new definition of “true fan.”

Sunshine got packed very quickly and I had to battle some hefty girls for my spot most of the show. So sadly I was a little annoyed for quite a long time as I attempted to balance on the little edge thing that is the step up from the floor right in front of the stage. The opening acts were rough due to my predicament but once Alex Turner hit the stage, not only did the incessant fan girls surrounding me go ballistic, I myself joined in with the screeching because this guy had swag. He had to be the greasiest, cockiest absolute douchiest motherfucker ever to walk the earth but god damn that man knows how talented he is. When they started playing the crowd started pushing and shoving, a development I did not anticipate but one I joined whole heartedly. I was hoping the show was going to get rowdy, and when I had my friends ask the super fan how rowdy their shows got and he said he had cracked a rib moshing before, I knew the night was going to be a success. Granted being in the front there were not as many guys of my “caliber” to mosh with so I satisfied myself with shoving some annoying girls and focusing on the show.

Easily the best parts of the show were whenever the band broke into their quick paced tracks off their first release. The crowd visibly got rowdier and the singing echoing back up to the band got louder as people moved their bodies any way they could. I know I infuriated the people around me when “I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor” and “The View From The Afternoon” went off and I probably punched some people with my vigorous movement. It was just so FUN to hear these songs that had been the anthem for my freshman year of high school live.

The longer the band played, the more I realized how blessed I was to have seen the Arctic Monkeys live. I mean, these guys have played for hundreds of millions of people when they played at the Olympic Ceremonies. Now they were in Albuquerque, New Mexico playing for about 1000. Why they chose New Mexico, no one will ever know probably and I would not be surprised if they were throwing darts while drinking to pick where they would tour next to get here. Either way I didn’t care, I was just thankful to see one of my favorite bands from my teenage years in the flesh, playing some of my most overplayed songs for me to hear live.

When the band ended the night with “505” I am not sure if they understood the true significance of the song to us Burquenos. I personally always associate the haunting lyrics, “I’m going back to 505,” with Albuquerque. When I return from UGA for Thanksgiving 2013, I will be completing a life long goal of mine to listen to that song on the plane and know I am returning home. Anyways, the song has somehow become the Arctic Monkeys most popular song and for their last track of the night I decided to leave the front and see how the rest of the crowd was. I was elated to find a whole mosh pit of drunken Brits violently pushing each other around so I immediately jumped in. It was almost too much for me and for “505” they went even harder. Of course at this time my brother had joined in and of course lost his glasses. For what should have been a joyous last song, we spent it frantically looking for his sure to be destroyed glasses on the floor. Some how we found them once the crowd thinned out and we were able to go back to reviewing what a great night it had been.


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