Wau Y Los Arrrghs- Todo Roto


Artist: Wau Y Los Arrrghs

Album: Todo Roto

Label: Slovenly Recordings

Wau Y Los Arrrghs’ album Todo Roto embodies that classic garage/ punk rock feel almost to the letter. From the garbled screams to the harsh guitar to the fast up beat of the drums, it is a great example of what good raw music sounds like. The great part is, all the lyrics are in Spanish, which for some reason makes the vocals and the music in general, sound more rough and aggressive. The novelty of listening to classic garage rock in Spanish is felt almost immediately with the opening notes of the track one, “Todo Lo Voy A Romper” and hearing singer Juanito Wau rip through his part like a man possessed. The album is quick, covering just a little over 30 minutes of frantic music but it is enough to get the idea that Spaniards can rock out just as hard as the rest of the world. One extra juicy bit of musicality that really helps the uniqueness of the album is the use of synthesizer parts backing each song. The parts sound like they could be lifted right off of a surfer track and fit very nicely with the texture of the rest of the punk that the band is making. This is Wau Y Los Arrrghs’ third album so by now it would seem they have perfected their craft down to the letter and delving deeper into their catalogue would seem to be a reasonable action.


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